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Extra beds for homeless in Copenhagen this winter

During the cold winter months, the demand for indoor beds increases amongst homeless people

Showing true Christmas spirit, Copenhagen will do its bit to help the homeless come in from the cold this winter (photo: Københavns Kommune)
November 15th, 2018 2:08 pm| by Stephen Gadd

Copenhagen’s municipal social services committee has decided to establish 20 extra emergency beds in hostels for the homeless this winter.

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Funds are also being earmarked for private hostels to add around 75-100 places – so all in all that means a total of between 140 and 160 extra beds.

Longer opening hours
The municipal beds will be available from November 15 until March 31 as part of Natcaféen at Sundholm in Amager. In addition, Natcaféen will be open longer than normal during the winter on weekends and public holidays.

The committee is confident that these measures will provide adequate shelter from the cold for all homeless people with the right of residence in Denmark.

Extra shelter beds in Copenhagen 2018/2019

Aktivitetscentrets Natcafé at Sundholm: 20 beds
Mariakirken, Vesterbro Parish’s homeless scheme: 25 beds
Grace, Blå Kors: 20-40 beds
Vendepunkter IVS: 10-15 beds
Den kolde næse, Salvation Army: 20 beds
Hellig Kors Kirke, Kirkens Korshær: 40 beds