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Facebook ejects Danish right-wing news outlet: not once but twice!

24NYT’s response to losing its page was to quickly start another

Censured: how the news site reported the ejection (screenshot taken from 24nyt.dk)
April 11th, 2019 12:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton

It’s no exaggeration to say that CPH POST could write a story every single day revolving around a Danish right-wing organisation peddling vile opinions about something or other.

Reporting the opinions would only give them validation and spread their message – if they are reported, it’s probably because it is a very, very slow news day.

And of course, it would be nice to trust that Facebook, the social media of choice for rabid nutjob sites, has a handle on the potential spread of such vitriol and be ready to nullify it should its spread be too wide.

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Both hands tied now
With over 34,000 likes, the Facebook page of the right-wing media site 24NYT probably falls into the category of ‘one to keep an eye on’.

And this past week, the social media giant has closed down its Facebook page not once, but twice – because 24NYT’s response to the rap on the knuckles was simply to use the other hand and start a new page as quickly as possible.

Unusual course of action, say experts 
Facebook has confirmed its decision to DR, but offered no explanation for its decision, and various social media experts regard the action as “unusual”.

Johan Farkas from Malmö University confirmed to DR that this is the first time, and second, that Facebook has closed down a Danish media outlet’s page.