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Fans of Fanø: Danish island sees record population

In related news, more foreigners are snapping up Denmark’s summerhouses

Danish islands like Fanø becoming increasingly popular (photo: Malene Thyssen)
August 5th, 2019 11:53 am| by Christian W

The island of Fanø has become a poster child for the recent rejuvenation that Danish islands have been enjoying over the past few years.

Since 2015, Fanø’s population has steadily grown to reach 3,404 inhabitants – a trend that is expected to continue for the little island off the coast of west Jutland.

“When we look at the figures, we can see there have never been as many people, as far as we know, living on the island as there are right now,” Jacob Kristian Bay, a consultant with Fanø Municipality – the country’s second smallest local authority – told JyskeVestkysten.

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Isle have that
And Fanø is not alone. According to a recent report from the economic council of labour movement, Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd, it is the first time since 1999 that the 28 small islands around Denmark have seen population growth for three consecutive years.

The report found it was particularly islands with schools or daycare options that have experienced potent growth, as well as islands that can be reached by ferry in less than 25 minutes from the mainland.

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Foreign hands on DK summerhouses
In related news, the recent development involving more and more foreigners snapping up Danish summerhouses doesn’t look to be waning any time soon.

A law from 1959 prohibits foreigner from buying summerhouses in Denmark without a special dispensation from the Justice Ministry, but more dispensations have been handed out in recent years.

Only 54 dispensations were approved in 2007, but that increased to 374 last year.Germans and Norwegians account for over half of the approved applications.

Foreigners will only be approved to purchase a Danish summerhouse if they have a special connection to Denmark, either via family, work, or many years spent holidaying in the country.

Last year, right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti (DF) stated it wanted to severely limit opportunities for foreign applicants by only permitting a maximum of 20 dispensations annually. DF complains that foreign owners don’t rent out their summerhouses as much as Danes do.