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Faulty adrenaline-shot pens recalled by authorities

Defective pens could have serious consequences for users with allergies

Their stings can be a misery to those with allergies (photo: Flickr/Aston Rowant)
March 17th, 2017 4:31 pm| by Stephen Gadd

The Danish Medicines Agency has recalled a batch of pens with adrenaline-shots, Berlingske Tidende reports.

The agency has been alerted that at least some of the batch of 500 are defective, so to be on the safe side, it has decided to recall the entire batch.

“People who have been prescribed these pens by their doctors have been given them because they are allergic to nuts or wasp stings, for example”, explained Doris Hovgaard, the agency’s medical chief.

Check your pen
The pen in question is the EpiPen 300 microgram dose. Anyone wishing to check whether their pen is potentially defective should look for product number 578818 and batch number 5FA665B. The expiry date of the pens in question is March this year.

If you find a potentially defective EpiPen, you should contact your local chemist and have it exchanged, the agency advises.