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Fishing boat nets mustard gas bomb

WWII relic pulled in off Bornholm

January 28th, 2015 11:59 am| by admin

A Bornholm fishing cutter pulled in a little more than herring yesterday. The cutter Mickentho wound up with a WWII mustard gas bomb tangled in its nets. 

According to Bornholm’s Tidende, the ship, which is docked in Bornholm’s Nexø harbour, was still being cleaned by emergency management agency Beredskabsstyrelsen early this morning.

The ship radioed before it docked that it had snagged the bomb. Navy bomb disposal experts were waiting when the ship arrived.

A German left over
“It is a mustard gas bomb about 90 centimetres long,” Beredskabsstyrelsen spokesperson Michael Grønbech-Dam told Bornholm’s Tidende. 

Officials have determined that the relic is a German bomb from World War II.

The ship is being cleaned with a strong chlorine solution to remove any remaining mustard gas.

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"The bomb was well preserved,” said Grønbech-Dam.

Grønbech-Dam said that he did not believe that any gas had been released, but that he was taking no chances.