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Fit for the fight to become the best spa in northern Europe

Spending a pampered night at Kurhotel Skodsborg

(Photo: skodsborg.dk)

July 6, 2014

by Alina Shron

For a century now, a white mansion has sat on the coast of Skodsborg, a seaside town a 20-minute train ride away from the capital. Over the years, the health resort has gone through many changes: a few revamps here and the odd extension there. 

But its essence hasn’t changed: it is still an oasis of peace and tranquility surrounded by a 550-hectare forest to one side and the Øresund to the other. Though these days you don’t have to be sick to want to spend a few days on the premises of the Kurhotel Skodsborg.

New Nordic nosh

Simply being hungry can suffice. In April, The Lobby – a mixture of a restaurant, bar and lounge – opened for business. At this self-styled luxury bistro, Philip Scheel Grønkjær and his assistant Gabriel Hedlund serve up the finest New Nordic cuisine throughout the day and evening. 

The quality of the menu betrays the chefs’ experience at Michelin-starred restaurants: all the dishes are impeccably presented gems. And no, I wasn’t surprised to hear that their beef with beetroot tartar is nominated for the Danish dish of the year award. 

As the evening draws in, locals flock in to enjoy a drink at the bar. Some even step out of their comfort zone and try an item from the cocktail guru Gromit Eduardsen’s menu. I certainly enjoyed the dill gin tonic when the bartender Alex paired it with our cod and cauliflower dish, even though (or because) I wouldn’t have ordered it myself.

Rumour has it that the chefs are in the process of redesigning the hotel’s second eatery into a fine dining restaurant. Its prime location – sea view and an adjacent Mediterranean terrace oasis – are encouraging to say the least. And if The Lobby is what they call a bistro, I’d very much like to see their idea of a fine dining restaurant.

Ambitious outlook

Also planned are renovations of the high-end rooms. Though our room – a suite facing the courtyard and sea – was a bit on the small side, it certainly didn’t look in need of one. The glass-walled bathroom with heated black floor tiles was state-of-the-art and particularly pleasing.

Then why so ambitious? Well, the Skodsborg shoots for the stars. The staff hope that in a few years – three to ten, depending on who you ask – the hotel will be the best spa hotel in northern Europe. 

Getting the spa area refurbished by Henning Larsen Architects two years ago was a big step in that direction. We arrived early in the morning and had the facilities almost entirely to ourselves. Armed with the spa ritual kit (which is complimentary if you book the luxury treat package), we took it easy, focusing mostly on the steam bath, sauna, in and outdoor jacuzzi, and distinctly non-chlorine swimming pool.

But the amenities allow for a more vigorous program too. The two-laned training pool, regular recreational and sports activities (between ten and 20 offerings each day ranging from yoga and hiking tours to skinny dips in the sea) and well-equipped gym will raise your heartbeat and even track your progress if you let them. 

Those are probably some of the reasons that the spa hotel has been nominated for AOK’s ‘Copenhagen's Best Wellness 2014’ award. Or maybe it’s just the dill tonic speaking.

Skodsborg Strandvej 139, Skodsborg; 4558 5800; info@skodsborg.dk; skodsborg.dk

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