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Floating restaurant up in flames last night

Large eatery Cafe Sundance won’t be opening for business anytime soon

The fire raged for at least 30 minutes before it was put out (photo: HovedstadsBeredskab)
February 11th, 2016 11:49 am| by Christian W

The city fire department was called to extinguish a blaze on a restaurant ship docked in Copenhagen Harbour last night.

The ship, which houses the rather large restaurant Cafe Sundance, was docked near the National Bank in front of Knippelsbro bridge when the fire started.

No injuries
The firefighters managed to put out the fire shortly before 2 am, just about 30 minutes after they were alerted to the blaze.

No people were believed to be on the boat when the fire started and the smoke was not considered an issue to residents in the area.