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Food Round-Up: Vegan lunch ban lifted at daycare centres

Elsewhere, teachers at a Randers school risk being sacked for drinking a soda during their lunch hour

Pile on that vegan goodness (photo: Pixnio/Amanda Mills)
January 16th, 2020 11:51 am| by Roselyne Min

Copenhagen Municipality has changed its guidelines to permit the serving of vegan food at its daycare institutions. Previously, the serving of exclusively vegan meals had been banned, while vegan lunchboxes were discouraged.

Nutritional issues, but neurological? 
A 2015 report from the National Food Authority stated that “vegan diets for infants and young children is not recommended, as it can be very difficult to meet the child’s nutritional needs during the first years of life.”

Back then, Jens-Kristian Lütken, a member of the Committee for Children and Youths, told TV2 that “vegan diet can cause brain damage”.

Ministry steps in
However, the Ministry of Environment and Food disagrees.

“If the staff at daycare centres can professionally prepare a well-planned vegan menu, and if the parents know that they are responsible for providing the children with the necessary supplements, we can’t discourage kids from getting vegan diets in daycare,” Charlotte Kølln, a section manager responsible for sustainable food at the ministry.

Teachers risk being sacked for drinking a soda during their lunch hour
The main Randers branch of the educational establishment FGU Østjylland last month announced a ‘cola ban’ for its employees, warning them they would be fired if they were caught smoking or drinking sodas during lunch breaks three times during a two-year window. According to the head of the school, which helps post-upper secondary students get the necessary grades to go to university (like a crammer in the UK), the cola ban has been introduced since FGU Østjylland wants its staff to act as role models for the students. The students at FGU Østjylland, whose ages range from 16 to 25 years old, are also not allowed to have soft drinks during the lunch break. Instead, they are offered water or milk.

Vegan yoghurt tested in the lab
A research team from DTU claims it has produced a 100 percent vegan yoghurt using just three ingredients: soya milk, a plant-based fermentation starter and mash made from powdered malt. In order to have the desired consistency and taste, most plant-based yoghurt products on the market contain a lot of non-organic ingredients, but the DTU team managed to derive the necessary lactic acid bacteria from plant-sourced ingredients. DTU Food and Beverage Institute researchers are working to optimise the consistency and taste of the product with the expectation that a commercial partner will be able to bring it to the market.

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Young Danes’ consumption of ‘Snus’ on the rise
New figures from the National Institute of Public Health reveal that five times more Danish youths consume the Snus powdered tobacco every day than in 2014. The figure has jumped from 1.9 percent among high school boys to 11.3 percent over five years. Among girls, there has also been a huge development in the number of daily users – eight times as many. In fact, Snus would appear to be replacing cigarettes, as only 8.9 percent of the boys smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. Snus (a variant of snuff) is bought on the black market as it is illegal to sell it in Denmark. However, it can be legally bought in Sweden.

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All hail the best beef sandwich in Denmark
Rasses Skovpølser in Skanderborg has retained its first place in ‘Denmark’s Best Steak Sandwich’ rankings compiled by De Brune Riddere. It first took first place in 2017, but then lost out to Kohaal in Aarhus in 2018. According to De Brune Riddere, the steak sandwich is better this year than last time. “Everything is homemade except for the ketchup and mustard,” the restaurant proudly told TV2. Rasses Skovpølser also picked up prizes for the sweatiest onions and coolest brown sauce – among others.

Top five winners in 2019:

Denmark’s coolest brown sauce: Rasses Skovpausser, Skanderborg
Denmark’s sweatiest onions: Vestre Baadelaug, Aalborg + Rasses, Skanderborg
Denmark’s coolest bowls: Kohaal, Aarhus + Panorama, Silkeborg
Denmark’s most flabby notch boy: Rasses Skovpausser, Skanderborg
Denmark’s siniest jam: Rasses Skovpausser, Skanderborg