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Food waste queen: Families with children still lagging behind

New figures from environmental authority reveal little development amongst group

Families with kids need to be more diligent (photo: Pixabay)
August 6th, 2018 12:27 pm| by Christian W

There is little doubt the Danes have become much better at avoiding food waste in recent years, thanks in part to the tireless efforts of Selina Juul, the founder of anti-food waste association Foreningen Stop Spild Af Mad.

But while food waste has been reduced in Denmark by 8 percent since 2011, there is one group of people who are still having trouble changing their ways, according to new figures from the Miljøstyrelsen environmental authority. And it’s families with children.

“It’s because they are busy and often forget what, for instance, they have in their refrigerators and buy more than they need,” Juul told DR Nyheder.

“They are also a group who are often apprehensive about there being enough food, so they often make a bit extra for dinner.”

According to the Landbrug & Fødevarer agriculture and food association, a family could save up to 7,500 kroner a year by reducing food waste.

Juul’s three tips for reducing food waste:

Leftover day – having a leftover day every week can not only save families money, but also time spent on shopping

Organised fridge and freezer – many people forget what they have in their fridges and freezers, so it’s good to have them organised. Many people have what Juul calls UFOs (unidentified frozen objects) and a system involving people taking out food from freezers once a month to see what can prove useful

Think in the supermarket – Juul recommends eating a snack before shopping for food. That way, people won’t shop on an empty stomach and thus typically won’t buy as much. Also, shoppers should think about deals because even though you might save money, it doesn’t really matter if the money saved eventually ends up in the bin anyway