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Further delays are likely to Metro City Ring opening

A number of key deadlines have been missed in the construction phase of the new Metro extension

One day, this scene will be played out on the new City Ring, but it could still be a while (photo: Metroselskabet/Ditte Valente)
April 12th, 2019 10:57 am| by Stephen Gadd

It is beginning to sound like a broken record. The new Metro City Ring was originally supposed to have opened in December 2018. That was postponed to the summer of 2019.

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Now Metroselskabet, the company responsible for running and constructing the Metro, has just announced further delays could be on the cards.

This time it is because a number of the key targets in the building phase have not been met. There is a “lack of documentation for a significant number of tests, along with the physical work at the stations that should have been finished”, the company writes.

Trial run delayed
“There is a significant risk of us being delayed, but we can also see that there is a possibility that we can make it if everyone gives it their very best,” Metroselskabet’s administrative director Henrik Plougmann Olsen told TV2 Nyheder.

The culprit seems to be Copenhagen Metro Team, the main contractor, which has missed the ‘ready for handover’ (RHO) deadlines during the final phase of the work. These should have been completed by the end of March. As a consequence CMT will now be fined for every day the goals are not met.

Because the RHO deadlines have not been met, it will delay a ‘trial run’ of the system.