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Get out there or risk going out of fashion

So this is what people will look like in the future (Photo: Copenhagen Fashion Festival)

January 25, 2014

by Lovísa Dröfn

It’s that time of the year again when fashionistas from around the country gather in the oh-so-fashionable capital to watch the upcoming trends and new designs in the world of – you guessed it – fashion. During Fashion Week, the streets of Copenhagen are littered with trendy people wearing insanely stylish ensembles and fashion-bloggers on every corner, ready to photograph those deemed ‘chic’ enough to be displayed on their blog. Maybe you’re one of those who’s already picked out seven days’ worth of outfits and can’t wait to attend the exclusive events and sit on the front row when the models walk the runways.

Or maybe, you feel slightly intimidated – yet strangely faschinated – by all these people with immaculately scruffy hair and chunky-knit scarves that are bigger than their winter coats. Or maybe, you enjoy the occasional vogue but have no desire to attend runway shows where the music is loud and phrases like ‘granny-chic’, ‘ferosh’ and ‘frows’ are thrown around like everyday slang that actually means something. If that’s you, then Copenhagen Fashion Festival is something you might really enjoy.

The Copenhagen Fashion Festival is organised in collaboration with Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen City Centre and is aimed at the general public, not just fashion insiders. The festival includes street parties, music performances, competitions and plenty of discounts. There will be plenty of fashionable events taking place that will be open to the general public, so don’t feel like fashion is something exclusively for the elite, because it’s really not. Instead, join in on the fun! Here is a list of Copenhagen’s Post favourite picks:

Saint Tropez Best Friends 
Saint Tropez has a personal shopping experience where you will be treated to free styling by the store’s personal shoppers and Saint Tropez Best Friends, while enjoying refreshments and fashionable offers. For the first 50 fashionistas, there will also be goodie bags.

Vimmelskaftet 43, Cph K; Fri Jan 31, 15:00-18:00

MUUSE pop-up shop 
If you want to do a little shopping and simultaneously update yourself on the latest worldwide trends, make sure you check out the MUUSE pop-up shop. With fashion scouts all over the world, from Tokyo to London, MUUSE is a fashion label that wants to bring cutting edge fashion to your wardrobe. If you want to splurge on one fashionable item this season, MUUSE produces some of the more durable, unique items because, in their own words, they “believe the future of fashion is designer pieces in small editions, made to last”.

iiL7, Ny Østergade 19, Cph K; starts Wed, ends Sun Feb 2, open daily 11:00-18:00, until 21:00 on Fri Jan 31

Get a personal shopper
Improve or just add to your already fabulous wardrobe with the help of a Magasin personal shopper who will help you renew your spring wardrobe and learn to shop more efficiently for your body-type. There will be refreshments served throughout the day and special surprises for the first customers. 

Magasin, Kongens Nytorv 13, Cph K; Sat Feb 1, 12:00-16:00

Stray Array event
If luxury items are your thing, but not so much your wallet’s, you should head to Vesterbro second-hand shop Stray Array, which is teaming up with photo artist Claudia Munkeboe to create a unique second-hand pop-up market. Granted, because the items on sale are hand-picked and haute couture, they’re not exactly cheap, but you’ll still save a lot considering the original price. And, you could always get lucky and stumble upon practically unused items.

Skydebanegade 31, st tv, Cph V; open Sat Feb 1, 14:00-20:00, Sun Feb 2, 10:00-16:00

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