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Ghita Nørby’s bad day: true colours or off-colour?

Matador actress flies off the handle during podcast interview, and now the whole of Denmark is talking about it

The actress appears to be a little bit lost in the woods (photo: Ghita Nørby Facebook page)
March 14th, 2019 1:30 pm| by TheCopenhagenPost

“I prepared for this for a month,” said Iben Maria Zeuthen, an interviewer from Radio 27syv in response to the famous actress Ghita Nørby laughing at her and telling her: “Poor you. You are nothing.”

The footage of the actress is now quickly going viral throughout Denmark, with many newspapers today reporting on the episode.

Problem with the mic 
The interview of the 84-year-old actress was supposed to be about a long career that included her starring in the beloved early 1980s series ‘Matador’.

But very quickly she became outraged, and it is hard to detect what the journalist did to cause the frustration.

“I have never seen anything so ridiculous,” said Nørby.

“Like my microphone?” the journalists responded.

“No, like you and your microphone and your headphones. It is the most stupid thing I have ever seen and that means you will not get anything reasonable our of my mouth.”

More listeners than ever
So now, instead of becoming a podcast episode entitled ‘Denmark’s Ghita’ with a few thousand listeners, it will be heard by hundreds of thousands … in disbelief.

Mads Brügger, the CEO of Radio24syv, told BT he was proud of the calm way employee Iben Marie Zeuthen handled the situation.

Listen to the part of the interview in which Nørby ridicules the interviewer here. 

This story originally stated that the interview only lasted four minutes. In fact, it continued for one hour. CPH POST apologises for the error.