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Gigantic fines for Uber drivers upheld by Supreme Court

A Danish court decision has delivered a slap in the face to alternative taxi services if their drivers don’t pay the correct amount of tax

Copenhagen’s yellow taxi companies are still firmly in the driving seat after Uber ruling (photo: pxhere)
September 13th, 2018 3:40 pm| by Stephen Gadd

The Supreme Court has just confirmed that the fines handed down last August in the city court, and then upheld in January in the high court, to four men who worked for Uber still stand.

The men were fined between 40,000 and 486,500 kroner for running an illegal taxi service, reports DR Nyheder.

A just outcome
“The judgment is very clear and we are extremely satisfied,” said special prosecutor Anne Risager.

“The most important thing is to establish how much it costs to flout the taxi law to the extent that it happened here,” added Risager.

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The information used to convict the drivers covering the period 2014-2015 was received from the tax authorities in the Netherlands.

This paves the way for cases against another 1,500 Uber drivers who have already been charged by the police.

Maybe more in the pipeline
The Danish authorities are also interested in receiving relevant information for 2016-2017 to see whether there are grounds for further charges, and tax authority SKAT has already requested the material.

A spokesperson for Uber said “we are very sorry on behalf of the drivers involved and our highest priority is to support them in this difficult time.”