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Danish goverment launches big gang crackdown

Tougher punishment, bans and heightened police efforts among the 28 new initiatives

Gangs facing tougher times (photo: HAMC Denmark)
January 30th, 2017 8:51 am| by Christian W

The government has dramatically stepped up its efforts to curb gang activity by unveiling a new, more stringent gang package, ‘Gangs Behind Bars’.

The new package includes 28 specific initiatives aimed at getting gangs off the streets, making it safer for citizens, and tightening the screws of justice on gang-related activities.

“When random citizens are being shot in the streets and the neighbours of gang fortresses don’t dare go out at night, we as a civilized society must put our foot down,” said the justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen.

“Citizens should feel safe wherever they go, and the gangs must go behind bars. They need to clearly feel doors closing in on them when they choose to join gangs. We’re coming with tougher punishments and seriously reducing parole options.”

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Pape don’t take no mess
Poulsen also highlighted that gangs will in future also be banned from being in areas where they have previously committed crime.

The government heralded the new changes earlier this year when it revealed plans to shut down gang fortresses across the country.

Read the entire ‘Gangs Behind Bars’ strategy here (in Danish).

The 28 initiatives:

Safety and security for citizens

1 Tougher punishment for shootings in public places

2 Ban on being in specific areas after serving time in prison

3 Expansion of the gang determination: stricter penalties early on in conflict escalation

4 Municipalities should be able to prohibit gang fortresses

5 The police must have better access to the closure of gang fortresses

6 Targeted policing against gangs in residential areas

7 Doubling minimum sentences for illegal possession of firearms

8 Nationwide safe conduct actions

9 The weapon storage of private citizens

10 Increased security in shooting associations

11 Weapon offences must go on criminal record

12 Distribution of assault alarms

13 Protection of homeless people and other vulnerable groups

Gang members off the streets

14 Ending parole opportunities for bikers and gang members convicted of gang-related activities

15 Restricting access to parole for all gang members

16 Stricter control of compliance with terms of parole

17 Tougher penalties for senior gang members in prison

18 More gang members in exit-programs

19 Charges dropped for turning over weapons for gang members in exit programs

20 Better address protection for gang members in exit programs

Pressure on bikers and gangs

21 Strengthening police operative investigative units

22 Expanding the zone ban

23 Better police co-operation against organised crime at the border

24 Inspection of police authorisations regarding security guards and bouncers

25 Increased presence of police at major events

26 Action against bikers and gang member status symbols

27 Working group to stop the abuse of public benefits

28 Stop the abuse of social benefits