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Government outlines plan for Denmark

More public spending and a tougher stance on immigration among the core issues

Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the Venstre-led government have revealed their plan for Denmark (photo: Hasse Ferrold)
June 29th, 2015 10:58 am| by Christian W

The long-awaited summer in Denmark is just around the corner, but prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the new Venstre-led minority government won’t have time to hit the beaches in the immediate future.

The government will have loads of work to do after revealing a future platform, ‘Sammen for fremtiden’ (‘Together for the future’), which includes increasing public sector consumption, a tougher stance on immigration and a new job reform.

“We have paid heed to the election and to the parties that have yearned for a change of government,” Rasmussen said. “It means the public sector will grow in a number of prioritised areas such as security, health and the elderly.”

The new government plan outline (here in Danish) also includes no increased taxes or tolls during this election tenure, continued action against the terror organisation Islamic State, and a referendum before Christmas concerning the Danish opt-out of Europol.

The new government’s plan includes:

– The public sector must value the person ahead of the system; no increase in taxes will provide financial security

– Already next week, the government will reveal a new and more stringent immigration and asylum policy that will make it less attractive to seek asylum in Denmark

– Increased public sector consumption in a number of priority areas such as security, health and the elderly

– A ceiling for the social benefit kontanthjælp will be implemented to limit how much one can receive

– An active foreign affairs policy including Denmark’s continuing efforts to fight the terror organisation IS in Iraq

– Scrapping the Iraq and Afghanistan Commission that was investigating the reason for Denmark’s participation in Iraq and Afghanistan

– A new government committee will ensure than EU rules are not over-implemented

– A referendum will be held before Christmas concerning the Danish opt-out of Europol

– A new job reform will ensure there will be more benefits to working than  receiving social benefits

– The home-improvement grant BoligJobordningen will be reintroduced

– Taxes and fees in the business sector will be reduced

– Better framework for agriculture and food product industry

– A new pension reform

– Quicker and better health plan, including a new cancer program

– A focus on high-quality research