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Government reveals gaping hole in national finances

Denmark down 3.5 billion kroner looking ahead to 2020

New government feeling the pinch (photo: Pixabay)
August 27th, 2019 12:00 pm| by Christian W

With the 2020 budget negotiations coming up in the near future, the new Socialdemokratiet-led government has calculated that the national treasury is lacking 3.5 billion kroner in unpaid bills.

The new finance minister, Nicolai Wammen, has revealed that funds are missing for the police and the Tax Ministry, while one of the most significant issues relates to a temporary energy fee that was supposed to bring the state coffers upwards of 1.2 billion kroner.

“These are funds that we won’t be able to spend on our elderly, children or our health sector,” Wammen lamented to TV2 News.

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The blame game
Following its general election victory on June 5, Socialdemokratiet was quick to proclaim that the previous government had left them billions of kroner in deficit.

But Kristian Jensen, who had been the finance minister until then, rejected that notion, contending that Socialdemokratiet themselves were part of many of the deals that led to the shortfall.

“This is their tactic when they can’t follow through with their election promises,” Jensen told Børsen newspaper.

“Then they sweep it in under what is called a treasury revision, but what is really just available information and agreements that they themselves have been part of.”