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Government to fast-track stripping foreign fighters of citizenship

Turkey’s assault in north Syria has hastened the plans

The Kurds have been left to fight off the Turks and maintain control over prison camps detaining IS members (photo: Department of Defence)
October 15th, 2019 2:11 pm| by Christian W

In light of Turkey’s decision to invade northern Syria, the government has announced it will fast-track a law that will strip dual-citizen foreign fighters of their Danish citizenship.

PM Mette Frederiksen underlined the threat posed by the potential release of detained  Islamic State (IS) fighters.

“There is a risk of the Kurds losing control of camps detaining IS fighters in the border area and foreign fighters with Danish citizenship seeking to re-enter Denmark,” said PM Mette Frederiksen.

“These are people who have turned their backs on Denmark and used violence to fight democracy and freedom. They are a threat to all our safety and are unwanted in Denmark.”

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New waves of refugees?
The law the government seeks to pass would permit the Danish state to strip foreign fighters of citizenship in absentia – but only if they are a citizen of another country as well.

Aside from government party Socialdemokratiet, Venstre, Dansk Folkeparti, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Konservative, Nye Borgerlige and Liberal Alliance all support fast-tracking the law.

It is believed that hundreds of people detained in the Kurdish-operated Ain Issa camp have fled in wake of the Turkish attacks. Prisoners from the Jirkin prison in Qamishli have also escaped.

Aside from the prisoners, the government is also aware that the situation in Syria can have a significant impact on the civil society in the region and could spark a new wave of refugees coming to Europe. It is believed that 130,000 people are internally displaced following the recent escalation in the area.

Supported by Denmark, the EU has moved to restrict arms sales to Turkey in wake of the escalation.