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Government to focus more on CSR in developing countries

A further 60 million kroner heading into the CSR funds

Government unveiled a new 6-point plan aimed at promoting CRS in developing countries (Photo: Scanpix)

September 4, 2014

by Christian Wenande

Denmark wants to create jobs in developing countries in close co-operation with Danish companies and strengthening corporate social responsibility (CSR) is high on the government’s agenda.

The trade and development minister Mogens Jensen has decided to add a further 60 million kroner to the 2015 national budget proposal so that the total funds for CSR growth in developing countries will be 142 million kroner.

“This CSR proposal invites Danish companies to become alliance partners,” Jensen said in a press release.

“It can make a massive difference in NGO co-operation and the government’s development efforts. The Danish companies must lead the way and spread Danish values in the global labour market."

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Six points of separation
A new 6-point plan aimed at promoting CRS in developing countries has been drawn up, outlining the government’s ambitions in the area, ambitions that hinge on promoting responsible and sustainable production value chains in developing countries.

The government wants to increase its development work funds in 2015 with an additional 620 million kroner, 239 million kroner of which will help promote synergy development aid and Danish companies working in developing areas.

“Countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia crave investment and trade as part of their solution to creating sustainable development and lifting their citizens out of poverty,” Jensen said.

Fact Box

The government’s 6-point CRS plan:

EU leading the CSR way
For an optimal effect, CSR must be integrated into existing policies and initiatives. The government will enhance its focus on sustainability and CSR in the EU’s free-trade agreements and in the EU’s development collaboration, gather international actors to a conference in Denmark in 2015 and get the issue on the agenda via the World Bank.

Sustainable value chains
The government wants to enter into partnerships with central international actors to move global value chains in a sustainable direction. Furthermore, the considerable Danish support to the UN Global Compact and the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) will continue.

Partnering with the Danish fashion and textile industry
The government will hold meetings with the industry to ensure a mutual understanding about the global challenges and further engagement in order to ensure responsible production. The government wants to focus particularly on improving conditions in the textile industry in Bangladesh.

Funds for social dialogue
The funds are geared towards supporting specific initiatives which share Danish knowledge about social dialogue between labour market actors with developing countries and promoting widespread CSR partnerships with a particular relevance for small and medium-sized companies.

Corporate networking
The network will focus on promoting responsible production in developing countries by, among other things, making visible and exchanging opportunities and challenges in new markets. The network should also ensure that companies are aware of services and support opportunities via Danida and the Danish Export Council.

A new CRS prize
A new prize – named ‘CSR Abroad’ – will be launched in the Danish CSR Award Show. The prize will go to a company that goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure social responsibility within their business in developing countries.

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