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Government unveils new action plan for homeless

250 million kroner earmarked for 15 initiatives aiming to curb increasing number of homeless in Denmark

For a fair proportion of the homeless the street is their home, although most have some sort of shelter (photo: Pixabay)
October 9th, 2017 12:28 pm| by Christian W

Despite a number of initiatives being launched in a bid to reduce homelessness in Denmark, the number of people without a home continues to rise. In particular, there has been a spike in youth homelessness.

A new government action plan including 15 initiatives aims to address that by setting aside 250 million kroner for a massive slush fund to tackle the issue.

“We know what works in terms of fighting homelessness, and with the government action plan we propose to spread the methods so that the knowledge can be used in practice,” said Mai Mercado, the children and social minister.

“The plan focuses especially on young homeless people, who have gone under the radar for far too long until they burn all their bridges and turn up on the street with abuse and psychological challenges. We owe the young people to help them.”

The 15 initiatives, documented below, include focusing on prevention and helping the long-standing elderly homeless into a safe and worthy existence.

Read the entire action plan here (in Danish).


Action plan

The 250 million kroner will be earmarked for the following 15 initiatives:

– Social investment pool concerning the homeless arena (50 million kroner)

– Establishment of a national counselling initiative for the homeless (16.7 million kroner)

– National guidelines for the efforts to tackle homelessness (1.9 million kroner)

– Housing First program for young people (39.2 million kroner)

– First homes for young people (76.5 million kroner)

– Preventing evictions

– A new initiative for economy and debt counselling (22 million kroner)

– Rehabilitating efforts at care centres and homeless hostels

– Simplified and flexible contact processes

– Support for citizens in long-term homeless situation (20 million kroner)

– Prolonged psychiatry (13.3 million kroner)

– Inspection of the ‘skævebolig’ initiative

– Better information and ensuring homeless rights – support for user organisations (6 million kroner)

– Investigating female homelessness (0.5 million kroner)

– Support for emergency overnight stays (4 million kroner)