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Hamlet moving into Kronborg Castle for Shakespeare anniversary

The castle will be transformed into a mesmerising Hamlet universe this summer

A trip to Kronborg Castle will be extra special this summer (photo: iStock)
February 25th, 2016 2:32 pm| by Christian W

To mark the 400th year since William Shakespeare died, Kronborg Castle has announced it will put on a wondrous show celebrating the British playwright within its own majestic halls.

Shakespeare immortalised the world-famous castle in Helsingør when he set his 1603 popular drama ‘Hamlet’ at ‘Elsinore Castle’.

“Our guests have long demanded more Hamlet experiences at the castle,” said Kronborg Castle manager Erik Als.

“So we look forward to going all in and transforming the castle into a dramatic Hamlet universe for the tourist season. Aside from that, we are eagerly anticipating a spectacular renaissance party in honour of Shakespeare.”

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Tickets on March 1
Aside from being on UNESCO’s world heritage list, Kronborg Castle is held in high regard by visitors due to its status as ‘Hamlet’s castle’ – over 250,000 tourists flock to Helsingør to see the iconic landmark every year.

The concept and piece has been composed by Peter Holst-Beck, while the theatre experience will be directed by Barry McKenna, a familiar name to fans of English-language theatre in Copenhagen.

Ian Burns, a noted English-language actor in Denmark who will be taking on the character of Polonius, told the Copenhagen Post that the production will feature eight scenes from Hamlet acted out in various parts of the castle.

“The production will feature excerpts of Hamlet inside and outside the castle, including the dungeon, with 12 actors rotating.”

“I’m really excited about it. It’s a thrill to be in a place that Shakespeare is supposed to have visited, and Barry McKenna has a really good feel for Shakespeare.”

Benjamin Stender, who appeared in Burns’ productions ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Marathon’, will play Hamlet. 

‘Hamlet Live’ can be enjoyed at Kronborg Castle from June 1 to August 29 this year and tickets go on sale on March 1.

Meanwhile, Burns is currently appearing in ‘Shakespeare Unplugged’, a play directed by Barry McKenna at Kruttønden.