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Have you ever been “drunk as a Dane?”

As Danes overtake Greenlanders in the drinking sweepstakes, local slang might have to undergo a reboot

Greenlander or Dane? Who can tell (Photo: jarmoluk)
July 21st, 2015 2:51 pm| by Ray W

Danes now drink more than Greenlanders. According to the latest figures from Grønlandsk Statistik, Danes now consume 11.1 litres of alcohol per person each year, a full 1.3 litres more than each Greenlander consumes.

In 2000, Greenlanders drank 13.5 litres of alcohol per year, two litres more than the average Dane.

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Drunk as…who?
For years, Danes have described extreme drunkenness as being “drunk as a Greenlander”, as the tables turn, the question arises if Greenlanders will now use the phase, “Drunk as a Dane”?