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Here comes the sun … no really!

Don’t pack away the backyard pool just yet

Do not fear the large glowing orb in the sky! (photo: Michael Ely)
August 2nd, 2015 3:44 pm| by Ray W

With daytime highs forecast to be above 20 C and DMI promising mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, the upcoming week promises to be the best of the summer thus far.

Only 3.3 mm of rain is forecast over the next five days – great news for all the kids enjoying their last week of the holidays, but possibly bad news for parents returning to the office tomorrow.

Temperatures in the capital region will break through 25 C on Tuesday and then hover around that mark for the rest of the week, and potentially until mid-August. Meanwhile, nighttime temperatures will be around 13 C.

The end of this week could see the thermometer climb as high as 30 C. Certainly, with no significant rain forecast until at least Sunday, it promises to be a weekend when safe plans can be made to go to the park or the beach.

Here’s hoping!