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Here is the team: New Danish government reveals its ministers

Jeppe Kofod as foreign minister and Nick Hækkerup as justice minister are two of the appointments

Running the show for the next four years (photo:
June 27th, 2019 9:31 am| by Christian W

Fresh off sealing an agreement with Radikale, SF and Enhedslisten regarding a new government, Mette Frederiksen and Socialdemokratiet have revealed their new ministerial team this morning.

It was a given that Frederiksen herself would assume the PM reins, but the rest of the ministerial positions were up for grabs until a few minutes ago.

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Echoes of Thorning-Schmidt
Among the most prominent appointments are several who held ministerial positions in the Helle Thorning-Schmidt administration: Nicolai Wammen as finance minister, Jeppe Kofod as foreign minister, Nick Hækkerup as justice minister and Astrid Krag as social and interior affairs minister.

An interesting point being highlighted by the Danish press is that just seven of the 20 ministers are women.

See the entire team in the fact box below:

Denmark's new government team:

Prime Minister: Mette Frederiksen
Finance minister: Nicolai Wammen
Foreign minister: Jeppe Kofod
Justice minister: Nick Hækkerup
Social and interior minister: Astrid Krag
Tax minister: Morten Bødskov
Climate and Energy minister: Dan Jørgensen
Food, fishing, Nordic and equality minister: Mogens Jensen
Health and elderly minister: Magnus Heunicke
Transport minister: Benny Engelbrecht
Development minister: Rasmus Prehn
Children and education minister: Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil
Defence minister: Trine Bramsen
Education and research minister: Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen
Business minister: Simon Kollerup
Immigration and integration minister: Mattias Tesfaye
Employment minister: Peter Hummelgaard
Housing minister: Kaare Dybvad
Environment minister: Lea Wermelin
Culture and church minister: Joy Mogensen