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Historic shipwreck found along Danish beach

High winds uncover a nearly intact relic

Bøtø Strand: Beautiful and filled with ship’s bones (photo: Bo Mertz)
May 1st, 2018 8:45 am| by Ray W

A historic shipwreck has been found on the coast of southern Falster, according to TV ØST.

The wreck was found a couple of weeks ago on Bøtø Strand, after several days of high winds shifted the sand in the area, revealing the ship’s remains.

Nearly intact
Marine archaeologists have since investigated the shipwreck, which is unusual because it came to rest nearly intact. The wreck is about four to five metres wide and 14 to 20 metres long.

Shipwrecks have appeared in the area before. Most date back to 1842 when a storm took over 400 ships to the bottom.

An old salt
Marine archaeologists suspect that the newly discovered wreck may be older than those lost in that storm, but say that it is too early to offer anything concrete.

“So far, we have only examined the top planks and as yet not used any type of dating to determine the age of the ship,” Andreas Kallmeyer Bloch from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde told TV ØST. “But the way the ship is built suggests that it is an old wreck.”

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The wreck was discovered by Thomas Poulsen, the keeper of Den Falsterke Dige.