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Hot Buns opening tomorrow in Copenhagen

Combination of burger bar and sex shop still frying some detractors

September 23rd, 2014 11:38 am| by admin

Hot Buns, a bizarre combination of a burger bar and sex shop, is opening on Gothersgade in Copenhagen tomorrow night.

Customers will be served by women in hot pants and revealing low-cut tank tops. The bar's manager, Mathias March, promises that a stop at Hot Buns during an evening out will “spice things up a bit”.

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The concept engendered heated debate when it was first announced in the spring. It simply goes too far, according to Camilla Schwalbe, a consultant for trade union 3F.

“This represents an unnecessary sexism, and personally I think it is tasteless,” Schwalbe told Metroexpress in the spring. “It is too bad that the labour market is moving in a direction where everything has to be sexist.”

Hot horny buns
Danish Women's Society deputy chairwoman Ulla Tornemand doesn’t see the connection between lingerie and a burger bar.

“When women are sexualised to this degree, we know that there are consequences,” Tornemand told Metroxpress. “This place deprives women of power because it encourages customers to look at them and get horny.”

 Marsh accepts that his concept is not for everyone.

“We have already had the gender debate. If people don’t like it, they can go somewhere else.”

On opening night, the servers will wear lingerie, and on Thursday, the first ten male customers every hour will receive free penis rings, and the first ten female customers, free vibrators.