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How the lion's share is owned by the Danish one percent

A tiny fraction of the population owns over one third of the country’s assets

One percent of the population has one third of the nation's worth locked up (Photo: Colourbox)

September 1, 2014

by Ray Weaver

Around 1 percent of the population, some 46,000 Danes, own property and securities worth over 512 billion kroner – 32 percent of the nation’s 1.6 trillion kroner’s worth of assets.

According to research quoted in Politiken newspaper from the centre-left think-tank Cevea, the 1 percent also controls 40 percent of the stocks and bonds traded in the country.

“There is a massive concentration of wealth in the richest one percent,” Jens Jonatan Steen, the head of research at Cevea, told Politiken.

“To a large degree, they have inherited their wealth or invested well.”

Tax the rich
Steen believes this unequal distribution of wealth calls for higher taxes on inheritance and investments.

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Mads Lundby Hansen, the chief economist at the liberal think-tank Cepos, disagreed with that assessment.

"You have to remember that the highest 1 percent of earners already pay taxes that correspond to those of 100,000 public employees," Hansen told Politiken.

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