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Huge German motorcycle gang eyeing Danish chapter

The gang has been linked to a host of criminal activities

Gremium MC claims to be Germany’s largest motorcycle club with 73 chapters in Germany and 71 other chapters in Europe (Photo: WikiCommons Manfred Kohrs)

June 27, 2014

by CW

According to the Danish police, the German motorcycle gang Gremium MC is preparing to open its first chapter in Denmark.

According to Michael Ask, the head of the national police investigation centre, Politiets Nationale Efterforskningscenter, the Germans have held meeting with leading individuals from motorcycle gangs in Denmark.

“It’s something that we are aware of, but right now we will take it easy, because it is one thing is to talk about it, and it’s another thing getting it done,” Ask told BT tabloid.

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Dutch allies
Established in Mannheim in 1972, Gremium MC claims to Germany’s largest motorcycle club with 73 chapters in Germany and 71 chapters in other countries around Europe.

The gang has been linked to criminal activities such as violence, human trafficking and drugs, and it allegedly has a solid relationship with the Dutch motorcycle club Satudarah, which recently established its first chapter in Denmark in Bagsværd.

The gang’s relationship with the Hells Angels and Bandidos, however, is less friendly. Previous confrontations have led to violence and spilt blood.

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