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Hundreds escaping from Danish young offender institutions

One delinquent ran away 28 times in just one year

Nearly 1,000 teens ran away from various young offender institutions in Denmark in 2014 (photo: iStock)
January 5th, 2016 11:11 am| by Lucie Rychla

In 2014, the Danish police searched for a total of 990 juvenile criminals who escaped from young offender institutions, reports Metroxpress.

In 73 cases, the young escapees were subsequently charged with new crimes committed during their flight.

One delinquent managed to run away 28 times.

Tightening the screws
Dansk Folkeparti would punish the young offenders who repeatedly escape even harder and suggests longer detention periods.

According to Tina Maria Larsen, the head of a secure residential facility for youths in Brønderslev, tightening up punishments for the institutionalised youths would not help.

“Many of them have the intelligence of a three to six-year old and some of them cannot learn from a repeated experience like others do,” Larsen told Metroxpress.

“They need support and other types of help, not a tightening of the screws.”