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Hundreds of accused remain absent from their trials

Problem is a costly affair for the Danish state

Court authority want to put the gavel down on trial absentees (photo: iStock)
November 6th, 2015 10:14 am| by Christian W

Hundreds of trials in Denmark end up being postponed because the accused fail to show up, according to a new report from the courts authority Domstolsstyrelsen.

The report showed that in just a five week period in September and October last year, 178 trials were postponed because the accused remained absent.

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Costly affair
Additionally, 264 times a case was postponed because the accused or a witness hadn’t been notified of the case, while 39 times the trial was postponed due to absent witnesses.

Domstolsstyrelsen is looking into the possibility of sending reminder text messages, trying more cases in absentia and notifying people via the e-Boks digital mail system in the future.

The problem is a costly affair for Denmark’s coffers as the presiding judge, prosecutor and defence attorney are all still paid despite an accused not turning up for a trial.