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Ice and slippery roads throughout Denmark this morning

Cold, clear and frosty night increasing the risk of you taking a tumble

Could be icy across Denmark this morning (photo: Mark Hard)
February 15th, 2017 7:38 am| by Ray W

After another night with clear weather and widespread frost, roads, pavements, staircases and pretty much every highway and byway could be covered with a thin sheet of ice this morning.

The clear weather sent overnight temperatures plunging to – 8.1 degrees in some places.

Patchy frozen mist and refreezing melting snow will combine to make things even more treacherous.

Slippery again tonight
Once the sun comes up, today will be a very nice and sunny day, with temperatures reaching between 2 and 7 degrees in the afternoon.

However, the slippery roads will return again this evening when temperatures once again dip below freezing.