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Iconic city washrooms to close when new Metro link opens

Hidden gem under City Hall Square to be replaced with children’s area

No more showering at City Hall Square … unless it’s in the fountain (photo: Karri Huhtanen)
June 17th, 2019 11:06 am| by Christian W

Most people are probably unaware of its existence, but there is actually a public showering and toilet area hidden away beneath City Hall Square.

It could sound like an interesting place to check out for the adventurous soul, but it’s actually been temporarily closed since 2010 due to the ongoing Metro City Ring construction.

Well … now the washrooms are to be closed down permanently when the City Ring opens for business later this year.

Despite the city originally setting aside 250,000 kroner to establish a payment system for the washrooms, local politicians have decided to axe the plans.

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For families now
Instead of the toilets and showers, the area will in future including a changing room for babies and a family room, as is the case with a similar washrooms at Central Station.

The manned toilet area was originally established back in 1943 and the public could fork out 10 kroner for a shower and pay an extra 5 kroner to rent a towel. It was then renovated in 1995.

The washrooms were often used by backpackers and the homeless.