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Illegal trailer parks a growing trend in Denmark  

For an increasing number of people campsite accommodation is all they can afford

Living on campsites is becoming increasingly common (photo: Pixabay)
May 29th, 2019 11:51 am| by Edward Owen

Denmark is seeing a growing trend in campsites becoming places of permanent residence.  Factors such as mortgage default or divorce are forcing a rising number of people into alternative living arrangements such as caravans and trailers. 

Whilst some of those affected are able to put a positive spin on the situation, further pressure is added by the illegal status of the set-up. 

Growing problem
There are approximately 100 campsites in Denmark that are open all year, of which 47 are observed to have people living in them all year round, according to TV2 Nyheder

It was also highlighted that this means the proportion of campsites that fit this description has almost doubled in the last 10 years.       

Morality vs legality
Camping regulations stipulate that between November 1 and February 28 it is against the law to have a permanent residence at a campsite – the longest permitted period is 20 days at a time.   

It may be questionable as to how much of a priority it is to enforce such a law, but complaints from the general public can force the hands of the authorities. 

A case in Køge
In a case at Corona Camping in Borup,
Køge Municipality was inclined to act and began proceedings to evict permanent campers. 

This case dates back to 2017, and a ruling has been made that as of December 31 the site must no longer allow permanent residents.

The issue is being brought to wider public attention following the premiere of the TV2 program ‘Trailerpark Danmark’ on Tuesday night.