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In Denmark, Big Brother is watching … cows

Farmers using cameras to monitor their herds

“Fix your hair, Elsie, we’re on camera again!” (photo: chontomusik)
November 17th, 2016 6:00 am| by Ray W

Cows produce less milk when they spend too much time fighting with each other and eating.

These are some of the lessons Danish dairy farmers have learned by video-monitoring their cows.

Segregated stables
Milk producer Søren Kaae from Stenhøj near Frederikshavn has in just one year increased the performance of his cows by four litres of milk per cow per day.

“That is a lot and it can immediately be seen on the bottom line,”  Kaae told DR Nyheder.

Video surveillance revealed there were often fights taking place between older and younger cows.

“This led us to divide the stable so the young cows are gathered in one place and the old in another,” Kaae said.

The fatted calf is not productive
Kate noted that the surveillance also revealed that cows often spend too much time eating.

“When they spend too much time eating, they do not get enough rest or drink enough water. It is something we are working on,” he said.

The video surveillance has been installed in co-operation with Landbo Nord, which began offering cattle advice based on video analysis a year ago and has since then worked with about 80 farms.