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Increased sentences for politically-motivated arsonists

Two of the five convicted arsonists had their sentences increased

The arsonists managed to inflict significant damage on the police school in Brøndby in one of the arson attacks (Photo: Scanpix)

December 13, 2013

by PS

Convicted arsonists had their sentences increased by the Eastern High Court yesterday following an appeal by the public prosecutor.

Copenhagen City Court found five men guilty of a range of politically-motivated arson attacks against targets such as banks, the police and fur companies.

The public prosecutor appealed after the court failed to find them guilty of terrorism, but the Eastern High Court also found that the men’s actions failed to constitute terrorism.

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Increased sentences
Two of the men – Peter Jensen, 24, and Frederik Pryds, 25 – had their sentences increased, however, after being found guilty of a total eight counts of arson.

Copenhagen City Court originally sentenced Pryds to six and a half years in prison and Jensen four years in prison, but following the appeal – in which Jensen was found guilty on significantly more counts – they will both now serve seven years each. 

The three other defendants kept their 21-month sentences.

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