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International experts: Danish research and innovation lacks strategic direction

Report reveals ten steps Denmark can take to improve promising R&I sector

The clogs of the R&I machine can work better with a little elbow grease (photo: PSF Denmark)
November 18th, 2019 2:04 pm| by Christian W

A group of independent international experts have scrutinised the Danish research and innovation system and found that while the Danish R&I sector has immense potential, its overall strategy has been found wanting in direction.

The report (here in English) underlined that Denmark needs to significantly improve in regards to generating specific commercially-viable results.

“A central observation that has emerged in this review is that Denmark has no clearly defined articulation of what it aims to achieve as an innovation leader. In short, there is no holistic innovation strategy,” the report noted.

“What they all lack is an overarching vision across the whole of government that clearly spells out what Denmark wants to achieve within the global innovation landscape, and how it intends to get there.”

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We hear you!
The government has picked up the message and has pledged that plans are afoot to set a new, ambitious course for Danish research and innovation. A primary component for the new course will be contributing to the green transition.

“R&I are essential for us to uncover solutions to the challenges facing our society. We have just set aside 1.5 billion kroner for green R&I,” said the education and research minister, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen.

“Now I will spearhead the work towards seeing how the R&I system can be adjusted to best influence the green transition. The report conveys that we have potential for innovation that we are not fully utilising today. We can do better.”

The report listed ten steps Denmark can take to improve its R&I situation (see below).