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International Round-up: Former Danish PM supports US sanctions against Danish companies

The ex-NATO Secretary General is still concerned about Russian expansionism (photo: Magnus Fröderberg)
June 12th, 2019 3:19 pm| by Ruchi Pujari

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister, has come out in support of US economic sanctions that if implemented, would hit Europe hard. The sanctions could kick in if the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that runs between Russia and Germany is not stopped, reports Politiken.

Opponents of the project – including the United States, Ukraine, and Poland – perceive it as part of a long-term Russian strategy to make Europe dependent on Russian gas and simultaneously destroy Ukraine’s revenues from the transmission of Russian gas through the country.

Admitting he supported sanctions as a last resort, Rasmussen said “I understand American criticism of the fact that they pay vast sums to defend Europe at the same time that we become more dependent on Russia”.

Danish companies under fire
“Danish companies are in the firing line if the US implements sanctions on companies which either finance or participate in the actual construction of the new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany,” Rasmussen added.

Nord Stream 2 is owned by the Russian state gas company Gazprom and financed by five major European energy companies, of which Shell is in the major one. Danish companies such as consultancy firm Ramboll and freight forwarding company Blue Water Shipping are suppliers, so also run the risk of being hit.

21-year-old Dane dies on New Zealand hunting trip
A 21-year-old Danish man was found dead in a National Park in New Zealand. According to New Zealand media, the man was hunting in the area and disappeared last week. On Monday he was seen at Fox Glacier in the Karangarua Valley in the Westland National Park, and other hunters in the area have reported that they met him on June 6. Since then, no one saw him again. On Tueday police announced that a corpse had been found in the area. The region has been experiencing bad weather lately and this area of the national park is known to be dangerous.

Two Danish citizens die in plane crash in Iceland
Three people died in a plane crash near a small airfield at Fljotshild in Iceland. Two of them – a mother and a son – were Danish citizens while the father was an Icelander, reports BT. The accident happened when the US registered private aircraft crashed and caught fire in a small airfield close to a summer house owned by the pilot. According to the Icelandic media Frettabladid, the couple’s second son and his wife were also in the plane when it crashed. They have since been hospitalised and are now ‘stable’.

Nuuk’s mayor resigns over child abuse cases
Nuuk’s mayor, Asii Chemnitz Narup, who has held the post for 10 years has resigned following criticism in a DR documentary entitled ‘Byen, hvor børn forsvinder’ (The city where children disappear). The documentary highlights the sexual abuse of children in Tasilaq. According to the documentary, every third child has been subjected to sexual assault and every other child is a social case in the municipality. Narup has been head of the Sermersooq Municipality that also includes Tasliiq. The opposition Demokraterne party have criticized the mayor saying they no longer had confidence or in respect for the mayor and her party Inuit Ataqatigii. Narup announced her resignation on Tuesday.