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International Round-Up: Previous government considered building wall on German border

Could have been the end of those gorgeous German vistas (photo: Thamizhpparithi Maari)
September 16th, 2019 12:16 pm| by Roselyne Min

Søren Pind, the former minister of justice, has disclosed that the previous Venstre minority government strongly considered the erection of a concrete wall with barbed wire near the German border to ward off illegal refugees.

Very precise plans
In his new book, Pind reveals that “very precise plans were drawn up” around the time of the European migrant crisis, which encompassed Denmark in September 2015, and that “some of the materials were purchased internationally”.

However, the then minister of immigration and integration, Inger Støjberg, who was responsible for Danish border control at the time, has refused to confirm the plans to TV2.

Border checks instead
Not long afterwards, Venstre invited its allies Konservative and Liberal Alliance to form a coalition government, and the plans were put aside and Pind lost his job.

Instead the government elected to introduce random border checks along the border with Germany, which have been keeping the police busy ever since.

Arla’s new partnership with Nigeria
Arla has signed a deal in Nigeria that will hopefully develop a long-term sustainable dairy industry in the east African country. As part of the deal, Arla will process the milk of 1,000 nomadic dairy farmers, who have been given permanent land by the government. The Nigerian dairy industry is currently so small it can only cater to 10 percent of the country’s milk needs. Nigeria’s population is expected to double to 400 million by 2050.

Funding recognises Denmark’s capability at green energy solutions
Denmark is at the forefront when it comes to the development of green energy solutions, according to Horizon 2020, a EU research and innovation program. Danish research institutes and companies have been granted more than 1 billion euros, making the country the program’s second largest beneficiary of Horizon 2020.

Road named after founder of Jysk in Bulgaria
A road named after Lars Larsen, the recently departed founder of Jysk, was last week inaugurated in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The Thursday ceremony coincided with one to open a new Jysk distribution centre. Shortly before his death, Larsen proposed building a new distribution centre in Bozhurishte where ‘Lars Larsens Vej’ is now located. The 95,000 sqm distribution centre is expected to create about 200 jobs and supply over 320 Jysk stores in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Bosnia and herzegovina.

Denmark donates 180 million kroner to Syrian refugees
Denmark has donated a further 180 million kroner in humanitarian aid to UN-backed initiatives to help the plight of Syrian refugees. The minister of development, Rasmus Prehn, recently visited refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon to see how “our humanitarian support contributes to creating security”.