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International Round-Up: The Dane who built a skatepark in Syria

Meanwhile the Swedes are invading Denmark with a HC Andersen experience app

Let’s skate! (photo: Wonders around the World Facebook page)
June 26th, 2019 3:26 pm| by Ruchi Pujari and Arushi Rajput

In Syria, a country where war is still raging, a Danish citizen has built a skatepark.

Beats throwing stones
This isn’t the first time that Joseph Fabrin has built a skatepark, as he has previously constructed them in Denmark, Iraq, the Maldives and the West Bank – to name but a few.

“There is nothing for young people here,” contended Fabrin, who brought 30 skateboards with him to hand out to local kids.

“There is a big hill right next to the skate park, and then there are 10-12 buildings that are bombed half in pieces. They run around on the roofs and throw with stones. That’s what they do.”

Giving back to the world
The park was built by Fabrin’s organisation Wonders Around The World and funded by the SOS Children’s Villages and the German organisation Skateaid.

He is well aware that the skatepark in Syria won’t solve all of its problems.

“We feel this is how we can best give back to the world,” he said.

Treading in the footsteps of the characters HC Andersen brought alive
Swedish startup StoryTourist has launched a tour app that will let you explore Copenhagen by entering into the fictitious world of HC Andersen’s famous story of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Using in-built audio, text and images, the tale becomes your guide, taking you to wherever the plot leads, enabling fans to experience their
favourite stories come alive at the very locations they were visualised. StoryTourist, which maintains its services are equally attractive to tourists and residents, has also developed a similar tour app for fans of Sherlock Holmes in London. The HC Andersen app, which is free to use this summer, is available to download here for iPhone and here for Android


Denmark to benefit from the new EU-Vietnam trade deal
The new free trade agreement, which is due to be signed by the EU and Vietnam on June 30, will help Danish companies improve their standing in the Vietnamese market. The agreement will reduce non-tariff barriers, offering companies increased access to the service and public procurement markets, along with incentives to move production away from China. Annually, Denmark exports millions of kroner’s worth of goods to Vietnam including pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, animal fur and skins, and seafood. With the new trade deal this number is expected to rise further. The agreement has also paved the way for Danish firms to gradually grow in Asia.

German minority wish to raise their flag in Denmark
The German minority in Denmark wants to be able to raise the German flag in Denmark on special occasions without having to seek permission to do so. Hinrich Jürgensen, the president of the German minority in Denmark, explained to DR: “It would be nice if any recognised national minority in Europe could use the flag they want.” As of today, minorities in Denmark have to seek permission to raise a flag by its institution when it celebrates or marks any anniversary. On the German side of the border, Danish minorities are allowed to raise the Dannebrog on special occasions. However, many Danes see nothing wrong with this, arguing that while the German flag is a symbol of the state, the Dannebrog is a people’s flag non-reflective of ideology or social affiliation.