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Danish architects to build Sydney landmark

High rise to overlook Sydney harbour

September 25th, 2014 2:36 pm| by Christian W

From among some of the world’s top architects, the Australian investment bank AMP has chosen the Danish architectural firm 3XM to build the Quay Quarter Tower high-rise in the heart of Sydney.

It’s the first time since Jørn Utzon finished the Sydney Opera House in 1973 that a Danish architect has been awarded a project of this size in the Australian city. The 200-metre high office building will be located on the waterfront, just behind the Opera House, at 50 Bridge Street in downtown Sydney.

“This project looks at the ‘high-rise’ in an entirely new way, from both the inside out and outside in,” Kim Herforth Nielsen, the founding partner and creative director of 3XN, said in a press release.

“Its dynamic, shifted massing maximises views for all of the building’s users while also creating expansive open spaces that encourage the possibility for interaction, knowledge sharing and vertical connectivity.”

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Finished in 2020
The 49-story building consists of five volumes or layers placed on top of each other, with each volume being offset so that it seems as if the building could rotate.

From within, the five volumes – each with its own central atrium – will be seem like five separate ‘villages’, each with its own identity and character. Large green roof terraces with a splendid view of Sydney are accessible from the atriums

Construction is expected to begin sometime in 2018 and to be completed two years later in 2020.

3XM has won a number of awards for its architectural feats, including the UN City in Nordhavn, the Blue Planet aquarium and the Bella Sky hotel building.