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International Round-Up: Copenhagen is third most forward-looking city

And in fourth place was the Finnish capital Oslo …(photo: Hometogo)
January 7th, 2020 5:32 pm| by Roselyne Min

Recent research conducted by HomeToGo acknowledges Copenhagen as the third most forward-looking city in Europe with an average score of 65.6 percent.

The ranking was based on three key parameters – technology, internet connectivity and sustainability – and assessed the 100 most populous cities in Europe.

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Switzerland and Scandinavia dominate
Zurich in Switzerland and Stockholm in Sweden took the top two places with scores of 69.6 and 66.6 percent.

Another Nordic city, Norwegian capital Oslo, closely followed Copenhagen with a score of 65.5 percent.

(photo: Hometogo)

Denmark’s passport world’s 5th powerful
Denmark has been ranked fifth on the new Henley Passport Index, together with Luxembourg and Spain, with a score of 187. The index calculates the number of destinations passport holders can access without a prior visa. Japan has maintained its top ranking for the third consecutive year with 191 countries, followed by Singapore (190), South Korea (189) and Germany (189).

Arrested terrorist sent money to Islamic State in Africa
Among the individuals arrested last month who are facing terror charges are a 29-year-old man accused of attempts to fund-raise for Islamic State. He reportedly contacted an unknown person on Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging app, with an offer to transfer money to IS affiliates in the African countries of Libya and Mali. He is one of seven people currently in custody following last month’s raids.

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Denmark lagging far behind in the region in equality
According to the annual equality report from the World Economic Forum, Denmark has fallen from 13th place in 2018 to 14th place in 2019 – a long way behind their Nordic neighbours. Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden took the top four places. WEF, based in Geneva, calculates equality in 153 countries each year based on developments in four areas: Education, Health, Economics and Politics.

Dane accused of double murder in Greenland 
A 22-year-old Dane has been charged with a double murder in Maniitsoq in west Greenland on December 18. The man is suspected of stabbing a man in his mid-60s and a woman in her early 50s, who later were found dead by police in an apartment. The man has been detained for a constitutional hearing at Qeqqa Circuit Court for four weeks.

Young Dane perishes in Austria
According to Austrian media outline Vienna Online, a young Danish man recently lost his life on a ski trip in Gastein, Austria. The 20-year-old ran into a tree while skiing on the B11 piste and died at the scene of the accident. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that a Danish national recently died in Austria.

Far more arrests at Jutland border last year
According to national police figures, far more criminals are getting caught by police at the southern Jutland border than before.  From October 2018 to October 2019, around 3,100 charges were issued – compared to around 3,700 during the first three years of the border controls. The police explain that the increase is a result of a greater focus on regular crimes in addition to the control of refugees and migrants. The border controls, which have been functioning since 2016, are officially still temporary as the Schengen acquis does not allow it to be permanent. A statement from the Ministry of Justice revealed in October that they have cost the treasury at least 1.25 billion kroner since their introduction.

Dane arrested in Helsinki for trying to steal cocaine from factory
A 21-year-old Dane has been arrested in Finland following an unsuccessful heist at a chemical plant in a Helsinki suburb. The Dane was arrested with four others from Sweden and Albania on a cruise ship in the port of Helsinki. The Finnish police believe the five suspects, and one other individual arrested elsewhere in Finland, were fleeing from the country after trying to break into the plant where they were planning to steal a large amount of cocaine.

Two cases of cocaine smuggling from Brazil in December
Two Brazilians were arrested on Christmas Day and charged with smuggling nine kilos of cocaine at Copenhagen Airport. In mid-December, another pair of Brazilians were also stopped with cocaine on their person. The festive smugglers have pleaded guilty.

Another smuggling case amounts to 14 million
Six men from Denmark, Poland and Lithuania have been sentenced to lengthy prison sentences and fined millions for smuggling about 14 million cigarettes into Denmark. According to police evidence at Aarhus Court, a total of 11 men have been involved in the illegal trafficking, which amounts to a loss of 20 million kroner of the treasury. Two of the group had previously been convicted, and the other three men are currently being held in custody in Poland awaiting extradition to Denmark.

Fences erected at the German-Poland border
The German authorities have decided to set up more electric fences along its border with Poland after about 50 boars infected with swine fever were found dead in western Poland. Already some 70 km of fences have been erected along the German-Danish border to keep the boars out. When the first pillar of the Danish fence was put in place, German politicians heavily criticised the erection.