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Venstre scolds Sweden ahead of EU meeting

Government party calls Swedes ‘bad neighbours’

Sweden and Denmark: Maybe not so close after all (photo: Kullez)
January 6th, 2016 12:58 pm| by Ray W

Danish government party Venstre has taken a rare shot at neighbouring Sweden in an editorial just a few hours before a scheduled EU meeting between Denmark, Germany and Sweden about the current refugee and border issues facing the countries.

“It is not being a very good neighbour to invite hundreds of thousands of refugees to Sweden and then close the border,” Marcus Knuth, Venstre immigration spokesperson, wrote in Jyllands-Posten today.

Border checks ordered by the Swedish government started on Monday at Denmark’s border with Sweden, which could result in many foreigners being stranded in Copenhagen.

Stop shouting
Knuth blamed Sweden for Denmark’s increasing number of asylum-seekers and for damaging co-operation between the two countries.

“This irresponsible foreign policy has been a huge headache for Denmark,” he wrote. “The Swedes have offered an open house, but when people show up, they say: ‘Go over to the neighbours instead.’”

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Radikale spokesperson Sofie Carsten Nielsen said that Venstre should stop griping and work instead at finding an equitable solution.

“We should be working together to solve this rather than shouting at our neighbours,” she said.