January warm spell to end on Wednesday, with snow looking extremely likely – The Post

January warm spell to end on Wednesday, with snow looking extremely likely

‘All change’ on the weather front later this week if forecasters are right

It would take at least a week of snow for the canals to freeze over, but who knows? (photo: Emanuele Longo)
January 29th, 2018 9:37 am| by Ben Hamilton

Recent warnings of snow in Denmark, or at least in the Greater Copenhagen area, have brought sleet, frost and the odd flake, but nothing close to what you would call snowfall.

But that will probably change as we move into the second half of this week, according to TV2 and the national forecaster DMI.

Two more days of warm wind
Monday and Tuesday will see a continuation of the recent warm, windy spell, which last week resulted in Denmark’s warmest ever January day. Temperatures will easily exceed  5 degrees on both days.

But the arrival of a low pressure system on Wednesday, which promises to be very wet whatever precipitation there might be, will see temperatures plummet.

Cold air from the north will bring sleet, and then snow and freezing temperatures, which will probably result in the whole country waking up to a blanket of snow on Friday.

Nothing’s 100 percent given Saturday’s forecast
As has been the case with recent forecasts, there is a degree of uncertainty.

For example, while Copenhagen can expect 6 and 3 cm of snow on Thursday and Friday, Saturday will see temperatures soar to 7 degrees before falling again on Sunday.

According to DMI’s provisional forecast, Sunday to Tuesday next week will see sub-zero temperatures both day and night.