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Joint German-Danish police patrols to tackle transnational crime

Danish ministry of justice intensifies its efforts against transnational crime by launching a new cross-border co-operation between the Danish and German police

German and Danish policemen will now drive on joint patrols to catch cross-border criminals (photo: Coloubox)

September 4, 2014

by Lucie Rychla

Denmark and Germany are launching a new initiative to strengthen co-operation at the border area. 

Zeroing in on cross-border criminals
The Danish government wants to intensify its efforts against transnational crime and cross-border criminals through closer co-operation between the Danish and German police. 

German and Danish policemen will now sit side-by-side in the same police car and drive on joint patrols on both sides of the border. 

The government expects that these joint patrols will help the police prevent transnational crime more effectively. 

Cooperation with clear authorities
The policemen will be able to cross the border quickly and flexibly, and can also catch up and exchange police information at the same time. 

The minister of justice, Karen Hækkerup, stressed that this in no way means that the German police will be allowed to take autonomous action on Danish territory. If the police operation takes place in Denmark, it will be under Danish jurisdiction. The German policemen can only observe and assist with knowledge-sharing. 

Similarly, Danish police officers should not exercise Danish police authority south of the border. 

Geographically, the joint patrols will be limited to an area of ​​25 km from the border on the Danish side, and up to 30 km from the border on the German side. 

Facts about Danish-German joint patrols 

- Danish and German police officers will drive on joint patrols on both sides of the border

- Responsibilty for these cross-border interventions will lie with the country where the patrols take place. Police officers involved in joint patrols will be under   supervision of the competent authorities of the host state

- German and Danish policemen will wear their own uniforms

- The chief constable of south Jutland police permits German police officials to carry weapons and ammunition in accordance with the weapons act

- German police officers are only allowed to exercise their authority on Danish territory in cases of legitimate self-defence or when defending others 

- The project will initially run for a year

- The project is limited to an area of ​​25 km from the Danish-German border

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