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Kan ye dig it? Danish kids queue up for days for pair of shoes

Kanye West shoes a hot commodity in Copenhagen and Aarhus

“Yeah, I’ve been here since July. You?” (photo: iStock)
August 20th, 2015 2:38 pm| by Christian W

Kanye West’s popularity might seem like a bit of a mystery to some, particularly when you consider his antics at various award shows, but that hasn’t prevented boatloads of Danish kids from queuing up in front of shops for days in order to get their hands on a pair of kicks designed by the hip-hop artist.

Teenagers in Copenhagen and Aarhus have been queuing up for days in order to get the new black Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost shoes designed by West.

“We’re doing it because they are really rare and because Kanye has made them. He’s the one who dictates fashion for us and they’re awesome in black,” Helsingør resident Frederik Lind, 18, told Metroxpress newspaper. “Older people collect watches or stamps. For us its sneaks.”

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Two days to go
The shop Wood Wood has 36 pairs of the Yeezy 350 Boost model for sale. Twenty will be sold in Copenhagen and the rest in Aarhus at a price of 1,600 kroner.

The last time West and Adidas combined forces for a new shoe earlier this year, the kids showed up in force too.

“I find it deeply fascinating that they want to sit out there for so long for a pair of shoes. It seems insane. But it’s probably just a representation of the young people’s consumer culture,” said Brian Jensen, the co-founder of Wood Wood.

In Copenhagen, the shoes are also sold in Norse, Naked and Footlocker, where similar queues persist.

The kids have a few more days to wait, however, as the shoes don’t go on sale until Saturday.