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Kastrup's terminal one to close

Domestic travellers at Copenhagen's Kastrup airport will join international travellers at terminals 2 and 3 next year

SAS is upbeat about upcoming changes at Copenhagen Airport (Photo: Scanpix)

August 6, 2014

by Ray Weaver

The days of domestic travellers waiting to take the blue terminal bus to and from the far-flung terminal one at Copenhagen's Kastrup airport will be coming to an end sometime next year. If all goes as planned, the airport’s 1.5 million domestic travellers will be joining their international jet-setting counterparts in terminals 2 and 3.

Direct access to Metro, shorter walking distances and easier access to shops and services are among the reasons for the switch, Copenhagen Airport said in a statement.

“Domestic travellers have expressed their desire for better travel conditions and faster connections,” wrote airport head Thomas Woldbye. “This will make it easier to change flights and travel to and from Kastrup to the rest of the world.”

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The merging of terminals has been particularly sought after by SAS and Norwegian, which account for almost 85 percent of domestic air services in Denmark.

“It makes perfect sense to offer domestic companies the same good facilities and services,” said SAS head Flemming Jensen.


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