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Final poll predicts big win for red bloc

Socialdemokratiet and company on course to secure best result in half a century

Is that Denmark’s future PM casting her ballot? (photo: Socialdemokratiet)
June 5th, 2019 10:52 am| by Christian W

Happy birthday Denmark! And your present? A brand spanking new red government … or so it would seem.

As the Danes turn up in droves to cast their ballots on Constitution Day today, the final polls suggest that Mette Frederiksen and the red bloc will enjoy a convincing win.

The Voxmeter survey for Ritzau showed that Socialdemokratiet, Radikale, SF, Enhedslisten and Alternativet are poised to accumulate 55 percent of the votes – easily enough of a majority to form a red government.

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Historic win?
The poll is based on phone interviews with 5,435 respondents – the largest poll Voxmeter has put together over the past four weeks of election drama.

Should the poll turn out to be accurate, it will be the best election result for the red bloc in almost 50 years – ending up with 102 mandates for the reds and 73 for the blues.

Experts point to the fact that the polls have pretty much remained the same throughout the campaign, despite Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Venstre attempting to swing votes by changing their tactics along the way.

That has included a startling strategy of a Venstre-Socialdemokratiet government across the middle and abandoning plans to form a government with current blue bloc allies Konservative and Liberal Alliance.