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Latest Danish summer weather prognostication

Probably the easiest job in the world

In Denmark, ya just never know! (photo: CCO)
July 9th, 2017 10:13 pm| by Ray W

DMI meteorologist Martin Lindberg is out with his predictions for the summertime weather in Denmark over the next few weeks.

With all due respect to the learned meteorologist, how hard can a forecast that essentially says, “It might be sunny but then again it could rain” be hard to conjure up?

Clear as mud
After a pretty nice weekend, Monday looks to continue to be sunny “in most places”. As the week progresses, the weather becomes more unstable and Wednesday could be rainy with Thursday maybe dry, Friday perhaps rainy again and Saturday could be another dry day.

“On Sunday it will be a little hotter, but there may be some rain,” Lindberg incisively told Ekstra Bladet.

Remember, the qualifiers are included in the forecast.

Dart board or a roll of the dice?
Lindberg said that there are “signs” that the long range forecast promises warmer and drier weather starting Monday, July 17.

“The weather will be a little more stable and probably a bit more summery,” he said.

Lindberg estimated that the last week of July would be the warmest so far this summer.

“The trend will be toward slightly rising temperatures and more stable and dry weather,” he said. “We could easily see a consistent 25 degrees in the second half of the week.”

Well, perhaps.