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Less damage to trains by football fans this year

The cost of vandalism on DSB trains running to and from football matches was minimal in 2015

Amazing that people get so riled over a game played by men in shorts (photo: Guillaume Baviere)
December 11th, 2015 8:27 am| by Ray W

Vandalism and the destruction of property by football fans on DSB trains fell dramatically this year.

For example, only 13 ceiling tiles (worth a total of 50,000 kroner) were smashed by overzealous fans this year – a huge reduction on last year’s tab of 800,000 kroner.

Developing experts
In 2008, football-related vandalism cost DSB 10 million kroner in a single season. The company instituted a training program about fan culture and how to handle crowds to get them better equipped to deal with hordes of rowdy football fans.

“We meet fans at eye level and always attempt dialogue,” Leif Fabrin, the DSB business manager, told DR Nyheder. “We have great partnerships with both team supporters and the police.”

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The ceiling tiles were damaged on S trains, and there have been no reports of vandalism on any long-distance or regional trains, and no reports of injuries among employees.

“We are creating trust between everyone involved, and that helps ensure that the rules are followed,” concluded Fabrin.