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Lines of communication to Greenland and Faroes are insecure

Current situation an obstacle to Commonwealth’s foreign policy, contends foreign minister

“Iceberg to Hygge Bear. We’ve got a code red situation” (photo: Visit Greenland)
December 11th, 2019 9:08 am| by Thess Mostoles

The foreign minister Jeppe Kofod has confirmed that there are no secure direct lines of communication between the Denmark and the two Commonwealth members, Greenland and Faroe Islands.

Hence, there is a risk that foreign powers can listen in when decision-makers discuss matters in confidence.

All Danish embassies are equipped with secure phone lines. However, no such measure has been provided for communication between Denmark and the two Arctic islands. In fact, state officials must travel in person to Greenland and the Faroes to convey sensitive information.

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The Arctic threat
Kofod admitted that the open lines are an obstacle to the government’s plans to increasingly involve Greenland and the Faroe Islands in foreign policy.

The government is working to implement a secure communication channel, but it will take time to establish the necessary technical infrastructure and the technology is not expected to be functional until next spring.

At the end of November, the Danish defence intelligence service, Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, published a report prioritising Greenland in the wake of the Arctic becoming more critical on the global geopolitical scene.