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Local News Round-up: ‘Not good enough’, Thunberg tells mayor over climate plan

In other stories, police lax when it comes to violent crimes and Britta Nielsen has fraud added to her charge sheet

The iconic Swedish schoolgirl activist and potential Nobel Peace Prize winner was in Copenhagen last week (photo: Anders Hellberg)
May 29th, 2019 2:33 pm| by Edward Owen

Saturday’s climate march in Copenhagen wouldn’t have been complete without a visit from Greta Thunberg, the renowned Swedish schoolgirl climate activist. In a 10 minute speech the 16-year-old received applause for familiar taglines as well as dishing out some fresh criticism of a local strategy – the CPH 2025 climate plan – for not going far enough. The plan aims to make the city CO2 neutral by 2025.

Although Copenhagen’s Mayor Frank Jensen was unable to take part in the march, whilst agreeing that all avenues must be explored, he could not understand Thunberg’s criticism of the plan, DR Nyheder reports. He also rejected her claim that it was just gesture politics.

To the barricades!
Meanwhile a group of 174 researchers has called for civil disobedience as a means to bring about societal change in the climate crisis. In an open letter from the multi-disciplinary researchers, the call for ‘non-violent rebellion’ appears to suggest the profile of the issue can be raised by mass demonstrations and civil disobedience.

Violent crimes not being investigated
Cases of violent crime reported to the police in Copenhagen are just not being investigated in a timely fashion, reports TV2 nyheder. Figures reveal that in 2017 the number of such cases where investigations had not yet begun averaged around 500. Today, the figure has doubled to over 1,000. Police have responded by setting up special groups and implementing new procedures to ensure a more rapid turnover of such cases.

Britta Nielsen charged with fraud
Last week Britta Nielsen, the prime suspect in one of Denmark’s most spectacular embezzlement cases, had fraud added to her charge sheet. The former employee of the Socialstyrelsen social authority is thought to have transferred DKK 117 million kroner to herself over a period of 25 years from funds administered by her employers.  No date has yet been set for the trial and investigations are still going on as to whether others can be prosecuted in connection with the case.